GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


funny guy

"I'm a good guy!  See my guns!" 

that's what cj told his daddy tonight as he was playing with his transformer car toy. 
for some reason, i find that to be quite a profound {funny & cute too!} 4-year-old-boy statement. 



have i really not posted anything here since december 20? 

let me just say a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all right now!  

guess i've gotten so busy over HERE that i haven't spent time keeping up with all the regular family updates. 

Christmas was lovely.  we started a new tradition--opening our gifts as a family on Christmas Eve morning (instead of at night after church service).  that way we had all day to enjoy our new stuff.  we didn't make it to service due to the weird times they were scheduled for (5pm = mealtime and 11pm = sleeptime), but we made time to read through the story of Jesus' birth and talked about it a little before we opened gifts.  i sort of missed going to church on Christmas Eve, but we had a fun day together as a family.

the boys opening our "family gift"--new games for the Wii

we opened the gifts in our stockings first thing Christmas day.  then the rest of the day was spent with extended family--in the morning we had brunch with T's family at his sister's place.  it was a nice being able to get together and spend a little time together.  we enjoyed the rest of Christmas day with my parents.  more gifts needed opening and Mom put on a huge feast as usual.  and of course, the guys had to watch a little football.  at least i think that's what they watched.  i happily spent time working on a sweater i started back in june. (i've committed to no "work knitting" on Sundays or holidays--just like a real job, ya know!)

anyways, for New Years we have a tradition that my mom and dad take the kiddos and give us a much needed end-of-year break.  (not that they don't give us a bunch of breaks like this throughout the year as well, but it's nice!)  the boys play games, watch movies and stay up late.  this year, bubba got to invite one of his cousins to spend the night there too.  the boys are close in age and had fun ringing in the new year together.  i hear they had doughnuts at midnight.  as for T and me, we spent new years catching up on some shows we hadn't had time to watch, played a few games, and watching a movie too.  stayed up late, and slept in the next morning.  it was nice.

now life is nearly back to normal.  except for the craziness of trying to get my business up and running.  but it's coming together, slowly.  right now, i'm hoping to have stuff for sale in my Etsy shop by mid-january.