GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


Free Book Friday

I started blogging about the free books I'm finding to read on my Kindle.  Then my mom gets her own Kindle for Christmas and finds other blogs already dedicated to sharing free or bargain Kindle books. 


So I'm dropping the weekly free book posts.  I may occasionally write up a review of a book I've enjoyed that is still being offered for free.

Like this.

I recently finished reading Design on a Crime by Ginny Aiken and rated it at four out of five stars.  I enjoyed the author's writing style which is a little quirky--sometimes a bit overdone--but for the most part I liked the characters and storyline.  

Another book I'd like to mention again that is still being offered for free is Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock.  This eBook now has the official "cover page" too! This is one of my favorite book series.  It's what I would categorize under Christian fantasy-allegory. 

NOTE:  These books are being offered for free at the time I'm posting this, but the price may change at any time. Please check to be certain that the “Kindle Price” is still $0.00 before you buy it. (If you see a price for “Prime Members” or “read for free,” then the book is NOT free any longer.)

Finally, here are links to the blogs we've found that are all about free eBooks!  Let me know if you know of any others I should add to my list!

Inspired Reads for Christian eBooks.  Many are free, but they also review deeply discounted eBooks as well. 

Pixel of Ink for free and bargain Kindle books.  (Not necessarily Christian books though.)

Pixel of Ink - Young Edition for free and bargain Kindle books for kids. (Also not necessarily Christian books.)

Ereader News Today for more free eBooks.  (Not many Christian ones here either.)

These websites all have Facebook pages as well where they post links to each new blog post highlighting free or bargain-priced Kindle books. And for those folks not yet on Facebook, you can also subscribe via email for their updates instead. 

Happy reading!


one thousand gifts #254-260

Happy new year! It's Monday.  That means it's once again time to share more of what I'm grateful for. So here we go...

#254 a new washing machine to replace the one that died.  i love that my clothes dry much faster now.  perhaps the old machine had been dying a slow death and we didn't realize it until it stopped working altogether.
#255 Christmas blessings and time spent with family
#256 the joy of giving
Bubba's new "Johnny mops"--this mom just couldn't resist giving him a "gag" gift!
#257 a really nice New Year's Eve weekend--the boys once again spent it with Grandma and Grandpa (and one of their cousins too) while the hubby and I got to stay home and watch movies on our new big-screen tv. :)
#258 my mom who celebrates her birthday today!
#259 rearranged furniture (for the new tv) that gives us more room.  maybe i can start exercising again now! :)
#260 our family chiropractor who, through "muscle testing", has helped us determine a few things Bubba is sensitive/allergic to and which may be the root cause of his eczema that he's had since he was little.  food preservatives, fragrances/perfumes (not a surprise--his daddy is allergic to this too), american and swiss cheeses, & tomatoes are all things that his body reacts negatively to.  so we'll eliminate what we can--especially the corn dogs, hot dogs, and cheetos that he loves to eat and hopefully in a week or so we'll see the eczema is clearing up. :)