GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


multitude monday

My weekly Multitudes on Mondays post.  If you're just stopping by for the 1st time, I joined in with this post here.  (Check out the banner below for more information from the person who started it.)

116. another Etsy sale!  yay!
117. a shopping day today (Just to put this into perspective, it takes about an hour and fifteen minutes for me to get to the nearest Wal-Mart & JC Penney so shopping days like this are few and far between.  We do have some smaller local stores, but the selection is rather limited--especially for clothes.)
118. gift cards (I happened to have had one for JC Penney which I used today!)
119. a husband with a good paying job (to pay for everything above and beyond the gift card amount)
120. McDonald's (not my favorite, but BOTH boys eat the McNuggets so I always plan on it when we're down shopping)
121. finishing another Sherlock Holmes book on my Kindle. wish the free version came with graphics, but otherwise a good read.
122. new outfits for the boys
123. and one for me too
124. shoe inserts for Bubba, who has really low arches. am hoping these give him the arch support he so desperate needs!
125. some new yarn too (I needed it for work!)
126. a good run Saturday for T and Bubba--they ran a 5K for ALS.  T came in 3rd of the men in his age group and Bubba got 1st place (of the 2 boys) in his age group.
127. $460 in donations raised by Bubba (with a little help from his daddy)--enough to win the "prize" for his age group--a new iPod Nano!  good job kiddo! and thanks to those of you who gave!
128. a lovely lightning show Saturday night.
129. capturing some digital lightning. :)  isn't it pretty?

It's fair week this week up here and it's supposed to be in the 90s all week. UGH!  I sure hope the heat doesn't make everyone sick!


multitude monday

Today is Monday.  That means it's time to add to my multitudes list!    
I didn't post last week because of the holiday--we were pretty busy!

106. sunshine

107. clouds--especially beautiful thunderheads!

108. rain to water the garden

109. celebrating the Fourth of July with family

110. Sherlock Holmes (not only am I enjoying reading the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but my hubby and I have been watching an old television series with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes)

111. winning another new knitting "book" (okay, so it's not an actual book, but I don't know what else to call Toe Up Socks in a Box by Wendy D. Johnson) from Crafternews on Facebook!

112. starting a new knitting project--socks, of course!  and learning more about toe-up sock knitting as I knit.  I choose the pattern "Sheri's Posies Socks" from the Toe Up Socks in a Box pattern cards and have a good start on the first sock.  (I'm not knitting these two-at-a-time like I usually do because of my unfamiliarity with the toe-up method.) 

113. browsing a flea market for inspiration

114. being privileged to homeschool and qualified to give my children their standardized tests myself (we just recently did Bubba's testing using the IOWA basics tests)

115. attempting to teach cj the alphabet and seeing him actually start to care! :)