GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


tea talk

about 2 weeks ago, when we were staying with my parents while trying to find the source of the icky smell in our house, i tried a tea sample mom had in her tea stash. i fell in love. it was seriously the best cup of tea i'd ever drank. ever. i checked out the company's website since it was printed on the package. then i did a little online shopping to see where else it was for sale and whether i could find a better deal. well, i found the exact tea that i had so totally enjoyed on ebay for a good price. so i let the hubby know and then left it up to him to decide if he'd buy me some or not. (he has me completely spoiled, btw!) yes, T placed his bid and got it for me. i had shown him an auction of one lovely little box of 18 tea bags. when it arrived today, i discovered that he bought me 3 boxes! (i'm NOT complaining!) rather, i'm feeling quite thoroughly pampered. there's only one problem. i had a cup this evening. after 8:30. i should mention that this is a black tea and is evidently quite fully caffeinated. now, i already know better than to drink caffeinated soft drinks in the evening. i guess that same rule will have to apply to my yummy new tea as well! on the bright side, it will be good to wake me up in the morning though! (and i'm gonna need it tomorrow! ha!)

so if you're into tea and would like to try a delicious cup of organic black tea, i highly HIGHLY recommend NUMI organic tea. the flavor i like is called "morning rise" and is a blend of 4 black teas. hmmm. i probably should have taken a hint from the name that it would wake me up instead of help me wind down, but it was so yummy i just had to have a cup! i suppose i should have tried the sample of "indian night" (a decaf black tea with vanilla) instead. ah well. live and learn!

and yes, i do take my tea with milk and sugar (or honey). just one more thing you didn't really want to know about me that you do now! tee hee!


  1. silly, stephie. Black tea has more caffeine than most sodas. Green tea has less, but still has caffeine. Which is why I don't usually drink tea in the evenings.

    I might have to hunt down this new tea of yours and try it out.

  2. I love tea, as well. My big walk-in pantry has a huge stock of it. Another great tea, maybe it is just the packaging, is from Lipton. Boxes of 18 pyramid bags. Really good. Not that you will be needing to buy tea anytime soon!!

  3. Waaah! I checked their website, and they listed the Rainbow Foods that I usually shop at as a location it can be purchased, but when I got groceries tonight, I couldn't find it. boo.

    Guess I'll have to make a trip to Byerly's some time and see if they have it (they are on the list).

  4. ooh, thropots, you are so lucky to live in a big city. i miss big city shopping every time i want to buy something that i can't find around here! i didn't even think to check where it's sold...might do that before my next trip to the cities (especially if my stash is depleted by then)...thanks for the tip!

    oh and i might just have to try the pyramid bags from lipton sometime too just to see how it compares. again, i doubt i can find it around here though.


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