GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


do you hulu?

the boys and i just watched a few episodes of some older cartoons on hulu. i haven't had reason to try hulu before now, but with our tv no longer receiving any signals, i figured it would be fun to give it a try.

we found The Land of the Lost series {i'd forgotten how lame it really was}, Fat Albert, and Inspector Gadget. it was almost like watching saturday morning cartoons when i was a kid. except it's a tuesday night. so i guess not really.

it's nice to know it's out there and FREE if i ever need a little extra entertainment. i also noticed there's some movies on there that might be fun to watch {some we've seen and some we haven't}. it might be better if i connected my laptop to the tv...i think a bigger screen would be nice. but i have to be careful not to use too much bandwidth so we don't go over our limit for the month. a good reason not to hulu too often.

i suppose hulu's catch phrase "we're evil, and proud of it!" is appropriate since i just saw an article that says they plan to start charging subscription fees for hulu sometime next year. if so, i won't be using it. and i bet a lot of other folks won't either.

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  1. we use hulu LOTS! whatever you want to watch, whenever you want to watch it. can't beat that. going to watch "the office" tonight, since we're never home and not busy when it's on "live" and it is our biggest laugh for the week!


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