GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


a little this, a little that.

i see that i haven't posted anything here for a while.  not much to say, i guess.  i've been busy knitting, crocheting, and doing a little designing too for my soon-to-open Etsy shop.  it's taking me longer than i had hoped to get it all organized, but i'm just a few small steps away from actually posting items in my shop!  if you've been following my knitting blog here, you already know that. 

it's an amazingly warm day today.  35 degrees.  that's nearly unheard of up here in the northern minnesota tundra for early february.  i'm sure it'll cool back down soon though.  it usually does.  but for now, the snow is melting off the rooftops and is, i believe, the perfect wetness for packing.  which means my boys are going to go outside and play this afternoon.  and maybe even try to make a snowman!  this could be their only chance to make one this winter since our snow is usually like a powder of fine ice crystals that won't stick together.

i will probably stay indoors myself (unless the kiddos convince me that they NEED me to help them make a snowman) and work on a little housework and then maybe i'll have a little time to work on one of my knitting projects this afternoon too.

speaking of knitting projects, i'm very close to finishing a lightweight sweater that i'm making for myself--my first-ever adult-sized sweater.  {yes, i still make time to knit stuff for myself too!} i've been working on this one, off and on, since june.  it's a beautiful wrap sweater with some lace details that look like bubbles--hence the name of the pattern:  soap bubble wrap!  i can't wait to see how this looks/fits when it's done!  i think i'm to the point of seaming it, so unless sewing the seams in mattress stitch gives me fits {which wouldn't be a first} i should be able to finish it sunday. 

hopefully, i'll be able to get it done before the super bowl.  'cuz i'll probably be too busy watching the game--and commercials--to focus on seaming properly.  i'll have to work on something easy that doesn't take a lot of concentration during the game.  as a loyal Packers fan, i must say i'm hoping for a really good game against the Steelers {and that the Pack wins, of course}! 

have a great weekend everyone! 
enjoy the game on sunday! 
and, of course:

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  1. I'm with you, Stephanie. GO PACK GO!!



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