GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


our weekend

we had a nice weekend...

we checked the theater friday night, but there weren't any movies playing that we'd want to see. instead we spent a quiet evening in. we stayed at a new country inn and suites and got a room with a kingsize bed, a separate cozy "sunroom" with a hot tub and fireplace, and 48" plasma tvs--one in the bedroom and one in the sunroom. we considered staying a second night, but we decided to save the money and sleep in our own bed instead. T and i got a lot of shopping done saturday. of course, we spent more than we should have, but most of it was stuff we need.

we got home around 8pm and after unloading the van, started watching "The Lord of the Rings--The Fellowship of the Ring." we made it a little over half-way through before we were too tired to stay awake anymore, so went to bed and finished watching it the next day.

we had both sets of grandparents over for supper last night too. T made "classy chili"--yummy yum yum! how do you make chili classy? well, T took his basic chili recipe that we like and added some bits of marinated and browned sirloin steak to it. i'm so glad there's leftovers for lunch!

btw, one nice thing about having a couple days away from the kids (besides a good night's sleep) is that you notice the sweet things about your kids more. last night, before putting the boys to bed, i was reading to cj. one of our favorite bedtime books is "Jesus Loves You" which is a read-the-pictures book. anyways, cj was pointing at the pictures as i was reading to him and saying what he saw: "rabbit" "squirrel" "rainbow" were all new words we hadn't heard him say before. his "rabbit" is especially cute...it almost sounds like "wabbit."

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