GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


new orleans trip (days 4 & 5)

saturday, feb. 14...valentines' day.

spent a little more time at the TechAdvantage floor show in the morning. bought a ton of chocolate at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory shop and some beignets (square pieces of dough, fried and covered with powdered sugar) at the Cafe Du Monde shop in the riverwalk mall. indulged in our yummy, and somewhat messy, sweet treats back in our room and just relaxedand watched tv in the afternoon (i knitted, of course)! then we went looking for something for dinner after trying to order pizza and learning that they couldn't deliver due to the many Mardi Gras parades that were in the way.

so we walked around the french quarter again and finally decided to eat at Landry's seafood house. the wait was supposed to be an hour or more so we put our name in and went for a walk since there wasn't any good place to sit and wait. when we came back to the restaurant after only 45 minutes, we discovered our name had already been passed by, but thankfully, they bumped us up to the head of the list and we got seated shortly. and we had yet another delicious meal including some of the best calamari i've had for an appetizer. yum.

on the way back to our hotel after dinner, we spotted a small Mardi Gras parade on canal street...turning onto another street which i can't recall. we took the opportunity to watch and take a few pics. and although a few items like beads were being tossed to the onlookers, we didn't snag anything, but it was fun to see anyways.

the Mardi Gras "king"

a couple of other Mardi Gras floats. we noticed the floats all tended to have a similar shape, size and feel but with different themes.

sunday, feb. 15.

we mostly just stayed in our hotel room and rested our sore feet. T watched the Nascar race and i knitted. we did go into the mall to purchase some pop and took a couple more pics of the river side.

daytime view of the bridge

the tatoosh, paul allen's personal yacht.

we later learned that this is a personal yacht belonging to paul allen, microsoft's co-founder. just to give you an idea of how big it is, there is a helicopter at the back of the yacht (you can see it in the picture), a sailboat on one side & a couple of motorboats on the other side. oh yeah, there's a 40 person crew too.

i like to think that if i had that kind of money, i'd just use it to help people in need and not waste it on luxuries like a personal yacht. but if i ever actually had millions or billions of dollars, i know i'd surely spend some of it on personal luxuries too...for example, i'd really like living someplace warm for at least part of the year so i'd probably have to buy a place on maui since i loved it over there. and that, my blog-reading friends, would be pretty spendy indeed! *grin*

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