GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)



yesterday morning i had an arachnid encounter of the dead kind.

i do not like spiders.
i don't hate them...most spiders eat insects and that's a good thing.
but i really don't like having them in my house. they're just a tad too creepy for me.

i had just thrown out the filter of used grounds from my husband's coffee pot and i decided to give the filter holder a quick rinse. as the water washed the inside of any leftover grounds, i noticed what appeared to be a brown lump also come out and land in the sink.

eyes to brain: "that was something other than coffee grounds."
brain to eyes: "look closer and focus!"
eyes to brain after looking closer: "ewwww! that's a dead spider!"

i was thoroughly disgusted.

evidently the arachnid was hiding out in the coffee pot. little did it realize that in the morning my dear hubby would come and cover it up with a piece of paper and then dump coffee grounds on top of that! can you imagine how it would feel to then be slowly cooked to death in boiling hot water? i almost feel sorry for it.

death by coffee. i suppose it was a romantic sort of death...for a spider.

the deceased:

a Parson's spider. not poisonous. tasty?

and just to give you an idea of the spider's actual size, here it is in an old baby food container.

don't worry, dear. the cup or two that you drank shouldn't make you sick. just don't start shooting webs, okay? {needless to say, i'm just glad i don't drink coffee!}

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