GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


what to do?

what do you do when your almost-3-year-old still needs (or at least thinks he needs!) a pacifier to go to sleep????

last night we attempted to put cj to bed without his "nuk." it didn't go so well. after much wailing, groaning, moaning and general unhappiness, i finally broke down and gave him one back so we could get some sleep.

i thought maybe he'd be okay with just having his blankie to cuddle. evidently, blankie and nuk are a team. if he can't have one, he doesn't want the other.

naptime without nuk didn't go over very well either, but i did sort of force the issue. alas, cj only napped {fitfully} for about an hour. and that was only after a huge tantrum which probably wore him out.

oh the joys of parenthood!

any ideas of how to handle this with a very strong-willed toddler that is completely addicted to sleeping with his nuk?!?! leave me a comment and let me know...any advice or help you may have will be welcome!


  1. Jacob and Rebekah were both REALLY serious nuk addicts. We stopped both of them at about 2, so you've got a good 6 months more of attachment than we had but we just quit cold turkey. Threw them all away and had probably 3 days that were really bad and then no trouble at all from then on. And after Jacob quit Rebekah still had a nuk and he didn't even try to take hers or anything. I can't overstate how bad those 3 days were, but, honestly, once they were over it wasn't an issue again at all!
    Hope all goes well!

  2. Better than thumb suckers . . . the thumb is harder to get rid of! The dentist just had another "talk" with Lydia about it at her cleaning this week!

  3. 3 days? maybe i should wait until after our trip out east. will have to see what the hubby thinks is best. either way, please pray for him (and us) that this won't be too traumatizing! :-)


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