GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


suicidal deer

so i haven't posted to my blog in ages. and there's tons of stuff i still want to write about like Christmas and our home remodel project--which i still haven't even transferred my pictures from my camera to my computer so that's my reason for not writing lately--but today i must share about the insanity of our local deer population.

first, let me set the stage. we're doing a home remodel--replacing our windows. and our contractor had to stain and varnish the trim. which really stunk up the house. and being the sensitive-to-smells family that we are, we couldn't stay in it so we've been "visiting" my parents for a few days {and nights}. it's very nice that they only live about 25 miles from us. so it's not very far.

anyways, T has been going home in the mornings before work to shower and get ready and, most importantly, to air out the house a bit. all had been going quite well. until this morning. when a crazed deer decided to take itself out with T's truck when he was just a few miles down the road from mom and dad's. thankfully, T wasn't hurt. unfortunately, the truck was. which means we are, at least for now, a one-vehicle family. but trucks can be fixed and/or replaced, and so we'll manage and are thanking God for keeping T safe.

now for the almost funny part to my story.

my dad went to get T since the pickup was leaking fluids and will need a tow. T still needed to get back home and get to work so dad brought him back here to get our van. {i should mention that T called and reported the accident so the sheriff had come and was taking pictures for the accident's file.} anyways, on the way back here, yet another crazy deer ran right across the road in front of them! thankfully, dad wasn't up to speed yet or he probably would have hit it too! isn't that nuts?!

but my story doesn't end there.

after T got the van, he decided to stop at his truck and get the mail that he had left in it. as he was getting ready to once again get back on the road, a dodge durango drove by. they had slowed a little, probably because they had seen the truck's flashers on the roadside. T pulled out behind them and was just getting going when the durango slammed on its brakes, fishtailed a bit, and then he said he saw a "flash" as yet another psychotic deer ran across the road right in front of them. it was less than a quarter mile from where T had hit his. thankfully, for their sake, they didn't hit it.

and the moral of my story is this:
if you live in northern minnesota or plan to visit anytime soon, watch out! the deer here are decisively suicidal.

it made for an interesting morning. i think i've had enough interesting for one day.


  1. Must be this wonderfully warm weather that is bringing them all out of hiding. So glad your hubby wasn't hurt!

  2. PS...I loved having you here...Sorry I was fighting the cold.


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