GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


just showing off

quick update on T's truck...it's being fixed. in fact, it may already be done. but i'm not sure yet if it is so we'll leave it at being fixed and hope it's done soon if not already!

now for what i really want to write about: my knitting!
i've been knitting lots again lately. so here are a few more FOs i want to show off.

first i need to share all the Christmas gifts i made this year.

1. knit cowl for my mom {and no complaints about the photo, mom! you look great!}

2. two knit dishcloths, also for my mom

3. and two crochet doilies for my mother-in-law

i then knit a lovely vest for my mom's birthday present. and forgot to take a photo of it before i gave it to her. she did take a few pictures of it for me, but i don't have one yet to share with you.

dad liked mom's cowl. {he was impressed with the way it works--it keeps your neck warm without scarf ends dangling and getting in the way.} he sort of requested one too, so i found a "manly cowl" pattern and made him one!

you can't really see the pattern when he's wearing it...it bunches up, but it was a relatively easy and nice looking pattern. and dad says it's nice and warm. the perfect neck warmer for ice fishing and cutting wood in the winter.

since i was on a cowl kick, i made another one--this time one that buttons up!--for myself. alas! it's another project i haven't photographed yet. :-)

finally, i would like to show off my scarf. i began knitting this back in september. it's finally done!

it's lacy, lovely, and i can't wait to wear it!

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