GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


lookin' for a new look

in other words, i'm sick of my hair. 

it comes down to this:

long & straight = simple & BORING 

i know some people may be shocked to hear me say this since i haven't changed my hair much for the past couple years {at least!}, but after a while, long hair like mine just gets in the way.  perhaps if i could be creative with my hair styles it wouldn't be so bad.  but i can't even braid my own hair and have it look nice.  also, the length makes it rather heavy and the straightness makes it slippery so it won't even stay up in a bun or ponytail very well anymore.

i've been thinking about this for at least a month.  i really just need a change.  so i made an appointment with a hairstylist {who i know from church} for next week.  thursday.  i'm so excited!  i haven't had my hair cut {except an occasional trim} for a couple years! 

so i'm thinking layers.  and a bit shorter, but it'll still probably be longish since my hubby likes it long and i do want him to be happy with it too!  maybe i'll even be adventuresome and get bangs cut while i'm at it.   i haven't had bangs in years. 

it's been kind of fun to look for a new style and see what's trendy for spring and summer 2010.  {not that i ever intend to claim trendiness! lol!}

after much online-hair-style-hair-cut-trendy-website browsing, i've found a few celeb styles that i think i like.  but i'm not sure what would look good on me.  

examples of styles i like:  

1. selena
2. mandy
3. mandy

i like the longer length of selena's hair, and the layers look nice.  and the side-swept bangs are really pretty.  i also like mandy's many layers but i'm not sure about the bangs in #2.  however, i like the fact that mandy's hair style seems easy to care for and appears to be somewhat versatile.

what do you think?  
i'd love to get a little "hair advice" before my hair cut next week.  so leave me a comment and let me know what YOU think i should do.  and if there's another hair style that you think might be better for my low-maintenance, but not-too-short preferences, i'm open to any {good} suggestions!


  1. You could cut off at least ten inches and donate to Locks of Love. :)

  2. I think it's a great idea. Plus, it's only hair. The worst case scenario is that you don't like and have to let it grow back out.

    Personally, I love having bangs because they make me look so much younger :) Downside to bangs is that they need trimming all the time (I need to find time to get that done - again).

    Something to think about if you go with a style like Selena's is that those long bangs look great swept back, but they can be hard to keep back. Think about if they will continually be falling in your face as you play with the boys and if that will bother you. Of course, you can try the style and if you don't like it, the long bangs can be cut shorter (or you use clips to keep them out of your face while they grow back out).

    Because your hair is so straight, I'm not sure if Mandy's style will work for you. It looks like it has just enough wave so the ends curl in a little. Of course, if you take the weight off by adding layers, your hair might not be quite as straight (I know the layers will probably add a lot of body to your hair).

    I'm not claiming to know what I'm talking about, but there's my 2 cents worth. I say go for it, and make sure you post photos for us so we can see the new look.


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