GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


multitudes on mondays

continuing my multitudes on mondays that i began last week...

20. a good chiropractor to adjust my neck and back when it's out bad like it was when i woke up thursday
21. feeling less pain in my neck today--it's much better than it's been the past few days
22. my Kindle--i love having so many good books available at my fingertips!
23. free books (for said Kindle)
24. time to knit a new project (testing for another item to sell)
25. an 11 yo who learned how to mow the lawn with this
26. getting some more brushed cleared in the backyard too
27. my parents who came and helped us work on the yard  (Thanks again, Mom and Dad!)
28. the promise of warmer weather for this week
29. sunshine
30. time Sunday afternoon to just read and read and read
31. my first sunburn of the year--on my upper arm--that I got while sitting outside on mom and dad's deck reading my book on my Kindle
32. watching Tangled (for the first time) with Mom and my boys and LOVED it!
33. grateful for Plugged In from FOTF to give reviews of movies so we know if one is okay to watch or not
34. finishing the book i'd been reading this morning
35. sleeping in on a Monday morning--just 'cuz.
36. homeschooling and the flexibility it provides us!
37. a gift from Sonlight curriculum in the mailbox Saturday!  we just love our new 2-in-1 book by Kathryn Otoshi!  Thank you, Sarita and John Holzmann for blessing us with this book!

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