GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


multitude monday

it's monday again.  time to continue counting my blessings!  (apologies to anyone who missed last weeks non-existent post. i forgot!)

in no particular order this week...

81. watching a mama kitty and her two darling kittens (they're not ours--just a neighborhood cat that claims our yard as part of her territory)
82. lessons from the Bible Bee Sword Study on 1 Peter
83. memorizing verses with Bubba
84. having our own church "service" at home as a family on Sunday morning
85. seeing a young deer cross the road in front of our house as we were having our family church service {would've missed that blessing if we hadn't stayed home!}
86. good friends you can count on (and hopefully being one in return)
87. wearing my new shawl and loving it!
88. swim lessons and having them all done for the summer
89. watching cj color in his coloring book and seeing how much joy it gives him
90. fingerless mitts on a cool summer evening
91. time to knit each day
92. time to read each day
93. time to celebrate my father and my husband on Father's day
94. a new fire pit in our yard
95. having a bonfire/campfire in our new fire pit twice this summer already!! amazing!
96. new yarn
97. being able to dream of the possibilities for those yarns!!  i think this is half the fun!
98. a little better-late-than-never spring cleaning.  it's really just a start, but at least it's something!

tune in next monday for the next installment...if i remember!  ha!


  1. Ah, coloring. It always gave me great joy as a child. It's a good activity. I still like coloring, only now I'm also designing the patterns to color (I have some tiles I have been painting recently).

  2. my eldest child was never into coloring--i never could understand that! he will draw and color now (at age 11), but most of the time he'd probably tell you he'd rather be reading...


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