GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


when daddy's away...

...the kids and mom play!

well. a little. mostly we've just been wasting time until daddy gets home and life can go back to normal.

T had to go out of town for a few days for some work-related classes. i've been missing him so much! and so have the boys! we've gotten absolutely nothing school-wise done this week yet, although we have worked on sections for Awanas since tomorrow night is the last chance bubba has to finish his book for this year. we're hoping he'll get it done so next week at awards night, he'll get the 1st book award for T&T boys! exciting, i know!

i've spent WAY too much time on the computer. it's hard not having T here to talk to and to tell me to turn off the evil-devil machine (i.e computer)! so i've been wasting my time away on facebook and blogging and who knows what else.

actually, we did do something a little fun today that got us out of the house for a bit. i took the boys out to lunch at a local mom-and-pop style diner. bubba had today's special--potato dumplings with bacon and toast. cj ate a few goldfish crackers i had in my bag {he's just impossible at meals lately!} and i had a grilled chicken sandwich. afterward, we spent a little time at the library. the boys played on the kids' computer for a little bit and i had a chance to look around at all the books. i even found a couple books for my hubby on the book sale {library fundraiser} that should be a nice surprise for him when he gets home. after i paid for those 2 books and checked out the 3 other books i wanted, bubba had a little fit because he didn't have any books picked out and i wasn't waiting to let him find some {i'm such a mean mommy, but he HAD been given many warnings that i was getting ready to go!} then we headed to the grocery store to buy milk & nutrigrain breakfast bars for cj and ended up finding all sorts of other foods we "needed" including some mango ice cream which i'm gonna try when i'm done posting this.

after cj woke up from his nap this afternoon, he was quite sad. poor baby! you should have heard it! {or maybe you did? my apologies if he disturbed your peace and quiet!} i think it was part hunger--remember he wouldn't eat much at lunch--and part missing daddy. so after getting him to eat a little cheese and a breakfast bar and he was still in near hysterics, we called daddy so cj could talk to him. it seemed to help him just being able to know daddy's okay. and so cj doesn't wake up in the middle of the night tonight hungry, i'm gonna give him a snack before bed.

well, right now, the boys are just finishing playing computer games on our older computer...Dr Seuss's ABC cd-rom is one of cj's faves already. he loves the book and i think the game makes it that much more fun to learn! next on our schedule: finish watching 101 dalmations that they started last night and eating that afore-mentioned snack!

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