GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)



We recently encountered an interesting and rather unusual life form. They are a bipedal humaniod species known as The Boiz. Although the universal translator had difficulties translating much of what was said, we did manage to glean enough from our contact with them to have some basic knowledge of their species. Our dealings with the Boiz have been primarily with two members of the species, but even so, I believe we have learned a lot about them.

The Boiz seem to enjoy being excessively loud. They talk loud, laugh loud, and especially enjoy making lots of loud {and sometimes rude} noises. Also, they are a mildly violent species and are known to initiate a form of physical contact similar to wrestling whenever they feel like it. Head-butting and full body tackling is also not uncommon, so one must remain on guard when in proximity to any Boiz!

While wandering the planet's surface, the younger Boiz discovered a pool of water that had formed due to the inclement weather of the previous few days. Evidently the soil's absorption rate is rather slow, thus the grassy vegetation was completely waterlogged. When Little Boiz saw this pool of water, he made a bee-line for it! Before I knew it, he was knee-deep in the puddle and grinning from ear to ear. And it wasn't long before Big Boiz had learned of his discovery and joined in the fun. The two of them continued splashing and wandering through the muddy water pool for at least a quarter of an hour. And although unconfirmed, I suspect Little Boiz may have used a form of telepathy to inform Big Boiz of the watery fun.

Speaking of communication, Little Boiz is especially difficult to understand. It seems even Big Boiz does not always understand his younger counterpart's speech patterns. And when Little Boiz is struggling to communicate, we've observed that he will eventually resort to crying and screaming until his needs {or wants} are met. It's a bit primitive, but I must admit, it can be effective! Big Boiz was a bit better at communicating with us. As I've already mentioned, we didn't understand each other perfectly, but I am fairly certain he was able to understand most of what we discussed with him. He is an intelligent being and learns quickly. I am confident that a continued relationship with The Boiz will benefit both our species.

A visual record of The Boiz.

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