GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)



it's june 6. summertime. at least one might think so. so could someone please tell me why it's so COLD outside? (57 degrees F at 3:45 pm.)

it's days like this that i dream of living someplace that's warm year-round. {hawaii is nice!} i know some folks, like my cousin who lives down in florida, would call weather like this WINTER.

remind me. why do i live here? oh yeah. it's my husband's fault. he's the one that likes living up here. something to do with living here most of his life, i guess. that, and the fact that hot weather makes him sick. literally. which has something to do with the way he sweats. or rather, doesn't. i think.

11+ years and i'm still not completely acclimated to this climate. and i grew up in wisconsin. you wouldn't think it'd be much different. funny what a few hundred miles farther north can do to one's weather.

well, this sun-lovin' mama just wants to go outside and soak up a little sunshine! and i'd prefer it if i didn't have to wear a sweatshirt in june. that's all. nothing much.


  1. but. I love this weather. It's 50 degrees and raining here. It's good Scottish weather. I can wear a sweater, but I don't need a coat. This is perfect ... as long as I'm not sitting outside selling pots.

  2. If you had 57 today, you had nicer weather than us. It was in the high 40's here most of the day with a COLD rain. We really needed the rain, so I didn't mind except for the fact that our activities for the day had us get in and out of the car about a dozen times and since there are 7 of us that's LOTS of in and out in the yucky weather! YIKES! Plus, it was a bummer of the birthday day for LJ. But the rain will do great things for the earth around here!

  3. yeah. it could always be worse. i should probably not even bother to complain. ever.


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