GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


homeschool curriculum shopping!

yes, it's that time for me again. time to figure out what we need for our next level of schoolwork. it's kind of weird buying it in february, but since we're nearly done with Sonlight's Core 3, it's time to order our new books so we can keep on with our schooling.

we plan to continue with Sonlight so next is Core 4 {American History, part 2}. although i've typically bought Sonlight's 5-day schedule {more books!}, i'm thinking this year i'm going to just get the 4-day schedule with the hopes that Core 4 won't take us quite as long as Core 3 has. so that covers Bible, history & geography, reading & listening comprehension. i also get our Singapore Math from Sonlight--it's a pretty good math program and we like it.

i plan to continue with apologia's elementary zoology books. we'll be on book 2...swimming creatures of the fifth day. so that covers science.

for art, i'm going to get the Artistic Pursuits for Grades 4-6, Book 1. and i plan to continue teaching bubba piano & guitar, so that covers music.

we have our English book from BJU Press and will continue with it. plus i've already got the next book for our handwriting program so i don't have to worry about that right now either. we also have Rosetta Stone's Latin American Spanish as an elective course.

and finally, for P.E. we are doing 30 minutes of exercise each day {okay so it's actually most days} using our wii fit plus. it's so hard to do much else up here in the middle of winter when it's below zero more often than not {especially when you're not outdoorsy-types to begin with!} but at least we now have something that gets us moving a little and is fun to boot! i also have hopes and dreams of using our Total Gym for P.E. but i need to be able to get the Total Gym set up again before i can {note: home remodeling can be a messy business}.

i think that covers everything. i hope i haven't forgotten something!!!!

now to actually get what i need on order!

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