GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


Happy 11-11-11!

It's Friday again (already!) and time for me to share a few more books you can get for your Kindle absolutely FREE!   So are you enjoying my Free Books Fridays?  I hope so!

Anyways, on with today's list.  I'll try and keep it short this time. 

Are you like me--a cookbook collector?  I have so many!  Well, if you or someone you love does a lot of baking or cooking, you probably have heard of Gooseberry Patch. My sister-in-law, Annie, introduced me to Gooseberry Patch cookbooks years ago. 

Funny thing:  I've given Gooseberry Patch cookbooks as gifts, but I don't own any myself!  Well, anyways, Gooseberry Patch has published a few e-recipe-books for Kindle and in the past 8 months I've collected a half dozen or so of these free e-cookbooks already.  There's a new one available now:  Circle of Friends Cookbook--25 Savory Pie Recipes. I know my family likes chicken pot pies, so I'm definitely going to check out the recipes in this little eBook too! 

(Edit:  I just learned via the Gooseberry Patch website that these downloads are actually CHAPTERS in the Circle of Friends Cookbook!  If you don't have a Kindle yet but still want the recipes, go HERE and you'll be able to download all SEVEN chapters to your computer instead.)

I really love how many classic books are free for Kindle.  There's some really good literature out there!  One of Bubba's favorite books is Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll;  he has read it several times.  And he's also enjoyed its sequel, Through the Looking Glass.  Both are now on my Kindle.  Bubba will be so happy! {smile}

Another of Bubba's faves is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.  This book was one of our "read-alouds" when Bubba was in Kindergarten as part of Sonlight's Core K (now Core A).  He's gone back and reread it several times since then. CJ will be in Core K/A next year, so it'll be nice to have it on my Kindle too. Several other Oz-related books by L. Frank Baum are also available. Just click on the link and you'll see just how many there are!

Have a wonderful weekend!
And as always, happy reading!

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  1. Gooseberry Patch has TONS of fun stuff. My mom gets a Gooseberry Patch calendar each year. Congratulations on Tracey's new job and so sorry to hear about your dad. Know that we'll be praying for all of you through this yucky time of waiting.
    The kids are excited to see Tommy and Caleb (and all the cousins!)
    Take care. See you SOON.


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