GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)



my new blog! yay! i decided it's about time i started a real blog. so here it is.

i decided on the title knitwit at whit's end because i love knitting (and crocheting) and seem to always have one or more yarnish projects started, thus making me a knit-wit as opposed to nitwit which some might consider me to be as well. whit's end refers to the soda shop run by john avery whitaker in adventures in odyssey which has become a family listening staple in the past year or so (we're gradually building our aio cd collection) and the fact that i quite often feel i'm at my wit's end.

my boys are my life--all three of them:
#1] dear hubby T, who works hard so i can stay home with the kids and still has time to read to me before bed (while i knit).
#2] bubba, who is our #1 son, age 8 (9 in dec.), reader extraordinaire, and mostly good kid.
#3] cj, who is our sweet baby boy, the baby who grew not under my heart but in it, and just turned 2 this week!

i homeschool because i want to and i can. bubba and i are using sonlight's core 3 this year which is the first year of american history. i'm already learning things that i either never knew or forgot. as a believer in christ and the bible, i like being able to incorporate scripture, bible reading, and christian literature in our everyday school work. this is our fourth year of actual schoolwork homeschooling, however actual learning, of course, begins in infancy. bubba was an early reader--age 3.5--and no i didn't do it so don't ask me how to teach your 3 year old to read because i have no idea. anyways, this is just one reason i have chosen and why i love sonlight curriculum. tons of books: books for him to read himself, books for me to read to him, books books books!! yay! books make us happy. hee hee. i'm getting giddy just thinking about it.

so that's my little intro. i suppose i could mention that my b-day is in 3 days. another year. whatever. i'm getting a new futon sofa. it's my christmas and any other holiday gift for something like the next 2 or 3 years. (and T thought he took care of that when we went to Maui in March! ha!) we really need it though and i'm even a LOT excited to get it. my only prob will be figuring out where to put it. might have to try and sell our current sofa to make room. we'll wait and see.

i think i'll see if i can post a pic or two of cj since he just had his 2nd birthday.


  1. Futon? I wonder why you are getting a new futon? :)

    Is that where we will be sleeping a a couple of weeks?


  2. u r only part of the reason and if it gets here b4 u come up i think T and i will sleep on it and see how comfy it is! u guys get our room which means i have a good reason to get it clean b4 that weekend! lol! see ya!


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