GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


pics from my mother

mom says i can post some of her pics on my blog so here goes.

me and my boys at the mennonite heritage museum in steinbach, mb. went up for "fall on the farm" and they had a little petting zoo with farm animals. cj had fun chasing the poor little bunny rabbit around the pen!

here's bubba pretending to be a preacher in one of the old churches at the mennonite museum. now if he'd just memorize a sermon or two, he'd could fill in at our church!

that's all for mom's pics for now. i used one of hers for my profile pic too. funny that i don't have more pics of myself. must be that i'm often the one taking the pics! lol!


  1. i love that soccer picture of bubba (i don't know how you can not put their real names . . . takes way more thinking and concentration than i can drum up!) it's so cute. not that the others aren't, but i especially love that one. i have a thing for pictures not taken from the front!
    also, i've been meaning to spice up my blog for a while now. you might be my inspiration! your background is so cute, i love it. i knew about cutestblogontheblock, but will have to actually check it out. argh, dial up! i'll have to try in the middle of the night or something when the 5 hours it will take me won't affect the rest of life!

  2. alrighty, it seems you may have the cutest blog on the cutest blog on the block. but, the jury's still out. the hunting is not quick at our house! i promise not to make our backgrounds the same, we'll just stick to having the same initials (ok the first one and last one, i guess). i'm sure i can find something else "me-ish!"

  3. you're gonna have to change your age on your profile tomorrow, you old woman you! happy early birthday!

  4. dear shana, you are MY inspiration to have a more interesting blog! thx for the bday wishes and hope you find a background you like! oh and the nicknames are easy for me cuz that's what i call my boys anyhoo! lol! sorry. if it's easier, you could just use their first initials instead. i do prefer not posting their real names but i can't, in fact, give a good reason for doing so except that i'm used to others using nicknames when posting. *smile*


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