GOD's my island hideaway, keeps danger far from the shore,
throws garlands of hosannas around my neck.
(Psa 32:7 MSG)


of reading and racing

it was getting late last night, so i didn't get any more pics posted. we went to church and s.s. this morning as usual, and are spending this afternoon at my mom and dad's. mom made a yummy lunch with cheesy potatoes--one of my faves.

i had trouble falling asleep last night. i think i was so excited to have a new blog and my mind went into overdrive about all the things i could write about! LOL! of course, today i'm so tired i can't think of any of the great ideas i had.

and T finished reading our book to me last night before bed even though he was getting really tired. we're reading a series by karen hancock--The Guardian King series. we'll be on the fourth and last book next. it's been an exciting tale so far. i can't wait to find out how it all ends!

that's one of the fun things about books. and probably why i read as much as i do! a good story gives me something to think about when i'm doing housework or yardwork. i love trying to think like the author might, imagining what i'd have the characters do or how some problem should be resolved. then to read how the author actually did so is even more fun--especially when it's completely unlike my ideas!

T and dad are watching the nascar race right now. i find i have to be in the mood to watch a race, otherwise i'll just watch the last 25 laps or so and am good. my favorite driver is probably carl edwards because i get a kick out of his backflips he does when he wins. dad and T like to watch mark martin. T cheers for a bunch of other drivers too depending on the race. on the other hand, there are definitely drivers we don't like. but i won't name any names. it does make for okay background noise when knitting, but isn't nearly as interesting as a good book or movie. speaking of knitting i want to finish the baby sweater i'm working on today if i can. it's my first ever attempt at making a sweater, but i'm finding it's not as complicated as i thought it would be especially since i'm doing the sleeves in the round with picked up stitches so i won't have to sew them on later.

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